Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Journalling - take 3 (or 74)

I am trying journalling again to keep organized, and well, it's sort of working? A little? Mostly, I just get more anxious that I am not getting anything I have listed down actually done. So that's fun.

I am using a (new since last time) dollar store notebook, and doing  a calendar page for each month to note things happening, a to-do page for each month, where nothing gets crossed off....and then pages for lists I need in the month.  Like this list for a potluck in December.

Each month I start a new set of calendar pages and a new to do list, and transfer all the undone to do's to the new list.  And then close the book and run away.

I also have some pages set aside for books I want to read, things to research, recipes to try.  I tried menu planning in the notebook as well, but that didn't work for me.

I fell off the wagon the past couple of months, but am trying to get back to it.  It is pretty satisfying to cross things off the to-do list page, I must say.
Another wagon I fell off of hard is the fitness/healthy weight wagon, and that one has been verrrrrry difficult to get back on track.  (Spoiler alert - I am not back on track.)  I wondered if some sort of exercise/healthy habit tracking page might help?
I found a recent layout for tracking health/mental health that I have just started to try.
It's too early to say if it's having a positive impact, but we'll see. 
Anyone out there  got some good inspiration for health tracker layouts for journals - or any inspiration at all - let me know!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Last weeks menu plan - what we ate

 Still lots of snow up in Aberdeen on the Highlands Trail!  

Sunday - I made my mom's lasagna recipe which is THE BEST.  Salad and bread too.  Apple pie and ice cream for dessert.
Monday - my sweet, sweet Boo made us a batch of Brown Stew Chicken, a Jamaican dish that is totally amazing.
Tuesday - Met The Fam at Costco after work.  Hot dogs and fries after shopping.
Wednesday -  Leftover night.  The Fam ate the last of the lasagne, I had old pizza.
Thursday -  The Grandfather came over for dinner and I made chicken sandwiches and more cake. 
Friday - We had to go shoe shopping so we hit the mall after work.  Got each kid a new pair of shoes, used my last book store gift card to buy everyone a book, and ate at the food court.  The kids shared a plate from the chinese food place, the parents had Opa.
Saturday -Tried a new casserole recipe - Ham and Cheese Hashbrown Casserole to use up some ham and browns in the freezer.  I didn't have as much potato as called for in the recipe, so I cut back on the amount of soup, and I don't think it was as creamy as the original, but it was tasty.  The kids were pretty meh on it, which is and isn't a surprise, as they do love ham and cheese and hash browns, but they also pretty much dislike anything we make them and how annoying is that.  The Mister loved it - LOVED IT - and stood in the kitchen picking at the (big) dish of leftovers, saying "I can't stop eating this." which is good because he will be eating it all week for lunch.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Grocery Shop March 17

Pizza Goldfish crackers (blech), ketchup, canned tomatos, corn, cream of mushroom soup, cream of potato soup (makin casseroles!), tomato paste, rice vinegar, sour cream, tater tots, eggos, grapes, thyme, cucumbers, asparagus, brussel sprouts, stew meat, ground beef, taco seasoning, clamato, ice tea


Sunday, March 18, 2018

Book Club - Artemis by Andy Weir

"That's the thing about crying yourself to sleep.  When you wake up, the problems are still there."

"The sky is not the limit."

"I forgive you, buddy.  For everything.  Goodbye."


I bought this one because I really liked The Martian.  I liked this one too, but man, he goes heavy on the technical details. That is not a criticism though.  He puts a lot into his books.
I gave this one to my dad when I was done, but no work on if he's read it yet.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Meatball Bake

I think this one might have been a Buzzfeed recipe too (the chances are good) - meatballs tossed with sauce and cut pieces of baguette, covered with cheese and baked.  I fancy-pantsed it a little by tossing the bread cubes with melted butter and garlic and toasting them before mixing them with the rest of the ingredients and baking.

Can't go wrong with garlic bread in any form, am I right?

Meatballs - already cooked, thawed if frozen
Pasta sauce
Salt and Pepper
Cheese - mozza or parm or both

Heat your oven to broil and mix some melted butter and chopped garlic with a bit of S&P.  Toss the chunked baguette with the butter, spread out on a pan and broil until toasted, turning once or twice.
Remove the garlic toast chunks from the oven and lower the heat to 400'.
In a large bowl mix the meatballs and sauce together, add in the bread.  Make it as saucy as you like.
Pour into a baking dish, arrange balls and bread to get a good ratio all over the pan if necessary.
Top with shredded cheese, and bake until heated through and the cheese is melty and lovely.